About Me

Hi and welcome!!! Thank you for taking a look!

My name is Chris and my super snazzy sausage dog models are Reggie who is 3 and his apprentice Wilf.i.am who is 9 months!!!

After struggling to buy jumpers that fit Reggie, I decided to make my own. They were all tailor made to fit his distinctive dachshund shape. Fortunately for me, Reggie is extremely patient and allowed me to try jumpers on him, adjust them and try them on again! Obviously with copious amounts of treats !

The results speak for themselves and I am very proud of my designs and very proud of my snazzy model. He knows when I approach him with a piece of crochet that has loads of wool hanging off, that it is try on time!!!! Sometimes he complies knowing there are treats to follow or, which is quite often the case, I have to chase him!!!! There have been many times when he has run off and I'm left with the ball of wool with the jumper  unravelling!!!! Reg is currently training Wilf to become a super snazzy model just like him! 

I only ever use high quality yarns, mainly Stylecraft Special DK. It wears well and washes in machine and I usually pop them on the radiator to dry. There is an opening at the top to clip a lead through if needed and I have also used a harness over the jumpers.

I have a Facebook Page and we are on Instagram called Snazzy Sausage.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and I will be happy to oblige.

I welcome orders from overseas so please see Overseas Page or contact me for further details.