Measurements Page

I have designed these jumpers myself based on Reggie from when he was a puppy to fully grown.

Important update. I only make jumpers for miniature dachshunds and will no longer be making jumpers larger than 18" Length x 19" Girth. 

The measurements are as follows :-

10" Length has a 11” girth/chest

11” Length has a 12” girth/chest

12" Length has a 13" girth/chest

13” Length has a 14” girth/chest

14" Length has a 15" girth/chest

15” Length has a 16” girth/chest

16" Length has a 17" girth/chest

17” Length has a 18” girth/chest

18" Length has a 19" girth/chest

The jumpers give a little around the girth so there is a little ease in the measurements. It’s advisable to order by girth size and let me know in notes at checkout the length required. If in any doubt as to what size to order, please don’t hesitate to contact me as there is a Snazzy Rule that all jumpers should fit!!!


When measuring it is advisable that you have an assistant as measuring a wriggly sausage single handed is no mean feat!!!

Have the dog wear his/her collar for correct placement of the tape. 


I am happy to accept returns for exchange or refund if your measurements were out but, as the jumpers are made to order there may be a wait for a replacement depending on my current order status and there will be an increase in price and postage charge. Refunds for returned jumpers will be given minus the postage.

If the mistake is my error then I will endeavour to put it right ASAP and there will be no postage cost and you will receive a refund of the postage to return the jumper along with my humble apologies. 


Measure your dog from collar to tail for length and around the chest/girth just behind front legs.


The actual length of the jumper goes from the opening for lead at neck and down to the base, not the whole jumper. This jumper is 14” length.


The width of the jumper is double the measurement you see here making this jumper a 15” girth.

Bobble and Character Snoods

I have sized the snoods by collar measurements and are as follows :-

Small will fit 8-10" 

Medium will fit 10-12"

Large will fit 12-14"

 They do need to be a snug fit to ensure they stay in place.

Snazzy Neck Warmers

Snazzy Neckwarmers are made in circumference/neck sizes and there is a little give in the width. 

So far I’ve found that the small fits little sausages wearing 10-12” jumpers, medium 14-16” jumpers and large 18-20". 

Small 8-10” collar

Medium 10-12” collar

Large 12-14” collar


If you prefer a looser fit, I suggest you go up a size and vice-versa. Give me a shout if you need any help.

Photo Prop Hats are made in two sizes. Option 1 will fit a puppy/ small miniature and is what Wilf, my shaded red dachshund wears and Option 2 will be more suited to a larger miniature/ standard dachshund and is what Reg my Black and Tan wears. 

Safety notice. Never leave the Snoods or Neck Warmers on your dog when unsupervised.

As all the jumpers etc are hand made, sizings are approximate.

Hope this helps but please don't hesitate to  message me if you are unsure.